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You asked, we answered.

Thanks for attending our recent webinar! We appreciate all of the excellent questions you asked, so we decided to compile them all, answer them and post them on our website for all to see. Everyone’s questions from the webinars are located here, although they may have been re-worded, modified, or consolidated for clarity.
Questions and Answers

Q: I have an ACH due on August 4. What will I need to do?

A: If it’s already set up, you don’t need to do anything. If you have not yet set it up, do it right away. Or, wait until August 3 and schedule at that time.

Q: Will automatic payments and deposits go through even if they are scheduled to post during system upgrade weekend July 31-August 2?

A: Yes, they will. 

Q: Will my automatic payments and deposits I’ve already set up still go through to my new account starting on August 3?

A: Yes, anything set up previous to July 31 will continue to work and you will not need to update routing and account number for these. This includes Social Security, pension, paycheck direct deposit, loan payments, rent payments, utility payments such as water and electricity, subscriptions, IRS refunds – anything that uses your routing number and account number will continue to work as normal without interruptions. 

Q: When setting up a new automatic payment/deposit after August 3, will I need to provide a new routing/account number?

A: Yes, you’ll provide the new numbers for any automatic payment/deposit/ACH set up after August 3.

Q: Can I use my current routing number and account number to use an e-check to pay online bills?

A: Yes, you can. If you’re completing this before July 31, 2020, you’ll use your current DVCU routing number and account number. If you set this up after August 3, 2020, you’ll use the new routing and account number. 

Q: What is the new routing number?

A: Routing & Transit Number: 322172849. This can also be found at the bottom of any page on our webiste.

Q: Will account numbers change?

A: Yes, see the table below for details. 

Account Name/Type

Current Account Number

New Account Number

Share Savings 123456S1 12345640100
Checking Account 123456S11 Account Details Tab*
Money Market Account 123456S9 12345640900
Auto Loan 123456L2 12345660200
Home Equity Loan 123456L15 12345661500
Home Equity Line of Credit 123456L75 12345667500
Business Savings 123456S1 12345640100
Business Checking 123456S12 Account Details Tab*

*Your Checking Account or Business Checking Account number can be found by clicking the Account Details tab within the upgraded system (available in online banking and the mobile app). Your Checking Account or Business Checking Account number is also located on the bottom row, far right side of your checks.

Q: If I have multiple accounts under my name how will the accounts be distinguished from each other?

A: Different account numbers, see chart above. 

Q: Will I have to notify all companies/vendors/employer/Social Security of the account numbers change?

A: No, automatic deposits and withdrawals previously set up with the ‘old’ routing and account numbers will still process normally.

Q: Is there a new mobile app?

A: Yes, there will be a new mobile app available for download on August 3 on the App Store or Google Play. Right now, it’s called Canyon State Credit Union mobile app. As we continue to make updates, it will change design and name to ‘Copper State Credit Union’ mobile app.

Q: Will the new app have fingerprint and facial recognition?

A: Whatever features your phone has, the app will be able to utilize. If you have fingerprint access with your current phone, you’ll be able to use this in the new app. Same with facial recognition.

Q: I have 2 accounts, how will bill pay work?

A: If you have multiple bill pay accounts, these will be consolidated into one. You should have received an email about this on Thursday, July 16, 2020. 

Q: Will we have to re-setup all our online bill pays?

A: These will transfer over. You will not need to set them up again.

Q: Any scheduled bill payments which are to be paid during the blackout period, July 31-August 2, will they still be paid?

A: They will be paid without interruption if they have been set up prior to July 27. 

Q: Will you receive cash back on bill pay?

A: No, but you are eligible to receive cash back if you have a new CashBack Checking Account!

Q: Is there a fee associated with a check being sent out on Bill Pay?

A: No, Bill Pay is a free service for our members, regardless of whether it’s sent electronically or via check.

Q: How do you know if a bill pay recipient gets paid by check or by electronic transfer other than the number of days it takes to be deposited?

A: You can view this in online banking under the Bill Pay tool, it will show each bill pay payee and how the payment is sent. 

Q: What if I'm not sure if my automatic bill pay (mortgage) is set up through the loan institution instead of DVCU Bill Pay? Will I have to notify that institution?

A: If you gave them your routing and account number, this is considered an ACH payment and will continue as normal with no interruption.

Q: What is the new name and was there a buyout?

A: Deer Valley Credit Union and Canyon State Credit Union completed a merger of equals that became official on 10/1/19. This joint partnership rebranded and is now one credit union, named Copper State Credit Union. 

Q: Will there be added banking locations? Where are the 8 locations?

A: When we merged, we went from 4 branches to 8. These locations are now posted here for your convenience.

Q: Will we be able to see associated fee-free ATM locations? 

A: Yes, click here.

Q: Will we still be part of shared branching?

A: Yes, click here to find available shared branch locations.

Q: When is the website URL changing and what will it be?

A: – this should be available very soon!

Q: What’s the new online banking URL?

A: Simply navigate to our website and click the banner in the top right corner to get to online banking.

Q: What happens to existing paper checks?  Will they continue to work, or do I need to order new paper checks? For both personal and business?

A: Your existing checks will continue to work, both business and personal. However, beginning August 3, 2020, you should begin using your new account number(s) when ordering and reordering checks.

Q: I just started my last checkbook.  Should I go ahead and order new checks now or wait until after August 3?

A: It would be better to wait until August 3 to order new checks!

Q: I don't understand - why will old checks still work, since they have old account numbers on them?

A: Our team has worked hard to make this a seamless transition for you, so they’ve found a way to make it happen!

• Will I get a new credit card?

A: No, your existing DVCU credit card will continue to work as normal. Eventually, this will be updated to reflect our new brand.

Q: Will the Credit Card account be linked in the new online banking system? Or is it still a separate login to Elan™?

A: No, it will not be linked. You will continue to log in to Elan as you do today.

Q: I have an account at DVCU but never received a debit card. How do I get one?

A: Debit cards are distributed to members with checking accounts. Sign up for our CashBack Checking Account and you’ll automatically receive a free Mastercard™ debit card. We do not provide ATM cards for savings accounts. If you already have a checking account and do not have a debit card, contact our team at 602.580.6000 and we will do our best to assist you.

Q: When will we get our new Mastercard™ debit cards?

A: These will be arriving within the next 1-2 weeks, if you haven’t gotten it already!

Q: What if I want to keep using my old DVCU Visa™ debit card?

A: These cards will continue to work until August 2, 2020. As of August 3, 2020, they will be disconnected and will no longer work. On August 3, you’ll be able to activate and use your new Mastercard™ debit card.

Q: How long will Copper State CU maintain statements & transaction history?

A: The credit union stores statements and transaction history in archives for seven years (84 months). If you have a specific request, you can contact our team for assistance at 602.580.6000.

Q: Will there be an eStatement for July be available, if so when? Where can I view it?

A: Your July eStatement will be available upon request due to the old online banking system no longer being active as of 7.31.  Call or go into any branch location and we will be happy to get you a copy.

Q: Where are eStatements located?

A: Under the ‘More’ widget there will be a button for eStatements if you are enrolled in them. Please make sure you enroll upon first login to the upgraded online banking system! You will need to re-enroll for eStatements in the new system even if you’re currently enrolled for eStatements in DVCU’s online banking. 

Q: Can you set up text alerts on your accounts in the new online banking?

A: Yes! You can do this in the Settings widget > Notifications tab.

Q: Will I need to set up any notifications I had previously?

A: You will need to set these up again.

Q: What is Free Credit Score and how do you enroll? Where is the score being pulled from?

A: This is a free benefit offered to Copper State Credit Union members that allows you to view and track your credit score for free through your online banking portal. Score is pulled from Trans Union. Simply click on the credit score widget and follow the prompts.

Q: If I sign up to have my free credit score available on my Copper State CU online banking, will I be penalized for 'checking my credit score’ too often?

A: No, this is not considered a ‘hard pull’ so it will not penalize your score.

Q:: Will we be able to see credit scores for each member on the account?

A: No, you’ll only see your own credit score on your online banking. 

Q: Can the joint person use the credit score?

A: On their own online banking portal, they can!

Q: What is capitalized in my temporary password?

A: First letter capitalized, second letter lowercase, then last six digits of your SSN/TIN. (ex. if the name listed on your print statement/eStatement is John Smith, then your password would be Jo123456, see below for sample visual). 

Q: Can I change password after initial setup? How?

A: Yes, you can change UserID/PW in Settings Widget > Security tab.

Q: What are the requirements for the new password so I can think about one in advance? Length, upper/lower, numeric, special characters?

A: Must be between 8-15 characters and include uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.

Q: Is Two-factor authentication available on the upgraded online banking system?

A: Yes. Settings widget > Security tab.

Q: When logging in to the new online banking system, will I still have the option to choose ‘personal’ or ‘public’ device? 

A: Yes. You will have the ability to tell the system to remember the devices you choose. We highly recommend only remembering your personal devices for security.

Q: What if I have 2 separate accounts?  How will I get a temporary password to log in to the second account’s online banking?

A: The upgraded system is person-centric, which means you will have only one login and be able to view all of your accounts from that one login. Therefore, only one temporary password is needed.

Q:If you have multiple separate checking and savings accounts with different logins - will they remain separate after the upgrade?

A: In online banking, they will all be viewable under one login as long as you are the primary or the joint on the account.

Q: My wife and I have two checking/savings will they become one account?

A: No, they’ll remain separate.

Q: If you have more than 1 account, are the actual accounts themselves merged together? Ex., acct 12345 and 67890 are still separate accounts?

A: They will remain separate but not with separate online banking accounts. They’ll both be viewable under one online banking portal.

Q: What if it's not a joint account, but you are a signer on another account.  Will I see the account?

A: It depends on the permissions. If you have transacting access on the account, you will see it. If you’re just the beneficiary on the account – for example – you will not see it.

Q: Will all accounts be linked together?  Even if the current accounts have 2 different numbers.

A: All will be viewable under one online banking login, but will still be separate accounts

Q: What about two different accounts with the same name but different TINs?

A: TIN is how online banking is set up. You will see everything you have access to based on your TIN, because you only have one. 

Q: What will happen to my current sub-savings accounts (S1.1, S1.2, etc.)?

A: Every sub account will be assigned a unique numerical account number.  Please see the converted account matrix for examples.

Q: Can we open sub-savings accounts (S1.1, S1.2) after August 3?

A: Not exactly. You can open separate savings accounts (each would have a different account number) – or you can use the Savings Goals tool to allocate funds in your one savings account to separate goals.

Q: I use the phone for doing transactions. Will there be phone banking instructions available for me?

A: You will need to re-enroll for our new and improved phone banking program. Simply call us at 623.580.6000 or 800.224.3330 and we will walk you through the quick process.

Q: Is there an option to print a copy of a fund transfer you just did through online banking? I like to print a receipt so that I can balance my checkbook.

A: Yes. You are able to print a copy of your transaction history in online banking.

Q: Can I transfer money between this account and my accounts at other banks, credit unions, or brokerage accounts? 

A: Yes. External account setup in the Transfer section of the upgraded online banking

Q: Will I have to re-link my external accounts on the upgraded online banking system, or will they carry over? 

A: You will need to re-link/set these up again on the upgraded system

Q: Can outside financial institutions transfer funds directly into my Copper State Credit Union checking account without me doing anything except providing them with my account number and routing number?

A: Yes. If you can wait until August 3 to do this, you’ll be able to use your new routing and account number. 

Q: What is the time frame for external transfers to be completed? Do they have to be submitted by a certain time of day?

A: Yes. The cutoff time for external transfers is 3pm M-F.

Q: I use Funds Transfer currently to send money to other members within the credit union. Will this information be stored in the new online banking or will I have to set it up again?

A: You will need to set these up again.

Q: What account details will be needed to transfer money to another credit union member?

A: You will need their name as it appears on their account along with either their member number, email address or primary phone number.

Q: Will Copper State Credit Union have Zelle? 

A: No, not at this time. However, the upgraded system does have Person2Person payments in the online banking portal or the app.

Q: Will all joint accounts show up in the transfer menu or do you have to do a transfer to Member Number?

A: All accounts you are the primary or the joint on will show up in the transfer menu within your upgraded online banking.

Q: Will I have to re-set up all the auto-transfers I already have (like I transfer some of my paycheck to sub-accounts each time I get paid)?

A: No. These will continue to work as they do today.

Q: Does the transfer feature work to make payments on loans?

A: Yes, you can use the transfer feature to make payments on loans.

Q: How do you download transactions to Quicken?

A: You can export your transactions by scrolling to the bottom of the list of transactions and selecting the Export button. You can download a comma-separated value file (CSV), a file formatted for Microsoft Money, or a file formatted for Quicken.

Q: If I am the Primary Owner on an account, but do have a Joint Owner for emergency situations, can I hide the visibility of the account to the Joint Owner including access to transactions, ability to move funds etc.?

A: The Joint Owner can hide visibility from his/her own online banking portal, but the nature of giving someone joint access includes transactional and transfer permissions, so you can’t remove that unless you remove them from the account.

Q: I have an "open" loan that transfers money if checking drops below zero. Will that still work?

A: All will be the same for your line of credit. However it is set up now, it will continue to work in this same way.

Q: Will I see current interest rates for various loans within my online banking portal?

A: Yes. You will be able to see the current rate on any existing loan as well as see the current rate on any new loans you may be interested in by using our credit score widget.

Q: I have had to open accounts under my name instead of my family trust for loans.  Will they still be separate accounts not under my family trust (which is where my checking account is held)?

A: The upgraded system is person-centric, rather than focusing on account numbers. Everything is built from your SSN/TIN. Anything you are primary or joint on will show under one login in online banking.

Q: What if you have 2 accounts with only the middle name different?

A: If both accounts have the same primary SSN then they will be combined and you will be able to see them under your primary online banking login.

Q: Can you set up a new CD directly on the [online banking] site?

A: No. Currently you can only setup new checking, savings and money market accounts.  The ability to open a CD online will be coming soon.

Q: I did not see transaction download in the new online banking system. Will that work the same and have the same format?

A: You can export your transactions by scrolling to the bottom of the list of transactions and selecting the Export button. You can download a comma-separated value file (CSV), a file formatted for Microsoft Money, or a file formatted for Quicken.

Q: Can I still make my mortgage payments at the branch after August 3?

A: Yes, you can.