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Proof of Insurance Requirements

Our policy is that you need coverage.
A few simple steps will assure us that you have insurance.
Lien holder information
Name your insurer
Collateral description
Declaration pages
It's the law. That's why Deer Valley Credit Union requires you to provide documentation of your policy before we'll issue an auto, motorcycle, boat, RV or home loan. A word to the wise: Should you fail to maintain insurance coverage throughout the life of the loan, we're permitted to buy a policy for you and then pass along the costs. Here's what we need from you:
  • Deer Valley Credit Union must be listed as the "lienholder/loss payee on your policy; please use this address:
  • Deer Valley Credit Union/Insurance Tracking Center
  • P.O. Box 924553
  • Fort Worth, TX 76124
  • You must show evidence of having comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicles or home
  • Your deductible must not exceed $1,000
  • The collateral description on the policy must match the collateral on the loan document
  • You must provide us with the policy number, policy period and insurance company name
  • Fax your updated declaration pages to 1.877.831.1176