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An efficient way to check in on your finances.
Account info at your fingertips. Not beneath piles of paper.
Easy enrollment
Convenient viewing
Environmentally friendly
Reduced fraud risk
These days, everyone is looking to multi-task. Now our Arizona members can simultaneously save time, be eco-friendly and get an up-to-date look at their finances. Instead of sending out a paper statement each month, Copper State Credit Union offers access to an online eStatement showing account balances and monthly transactions. It's convenient, it's secure, and it takes only a few minutes to sign up for.
  • Get account information in a more timely manner
  • Access your statement on your computer at your convenience
  • Check transaction histories with easy access to older statements
  • Reduce the fraud risk that comes with putting financial information in the mail
  • Access your tax information quickly
  • Save money by eliminating the $2 mothly paper statement fee

Membership is required.