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The best gift you can give yourself? A secure future.
Traditional IRAs
Roth IRAs
Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
Coverdell Education Accounts

Here are two facts worth considering: People in Arizona and elsewhere are living longer than ever. And most of them aren't saving enough to maintain their current lifestyles during retirement. So whether you're a few years or several decades away from leaving the work force, it's probably time to open an Individual Retirement Account. Steady deposits can give you a comfortable income during your golden years, and retirement accounts also offer significant tax benefits. At Copper State Credit Union, we can help you decide which option is best for you.

  • Traditional IRAs allow you to take tax deductions each year you contribute to your account
  • Roth IRAs offer the advantages of tax-free growth and withdrawals
  • Simplified Employee Pension plans serve the retirement needs of small businesses and their employees
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts are a special IRA designed to cover your child's K-12 or college costs
  • Funds can be invested in either an IRA or an IRA Certificate

Your tax advisor can offer more guidance on which type of IRA may be best for your needs.