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Try Again Checking

A second chance at a positive account.
Build a better financial future. With responsible money management.
Financial education program
Online and mobile banking
Direct deposit to your account
Need a second chance at managing your checking account? Are past account issues making it impossible to open an account now? With our Try Again Checking Account, you can start to build a new history of responsible money management. If you have a record on Chex Systems due to an unpaid closure or NSF activity, we may be able to help.

You will need to successfully complete our online course called CheckRight through our partnership with GreenPath Debt Solutions, a personal financial education program. This program will teach you the fundamentals of checking accounts. Thus, helping you to avoid future complications and establish a positive, long-term relationship with us.
Once you successfully complete the online course, you'll be on your way to enjoying the convenience of a Checking Accountwith access to convenient services like:

There is a $10 monthly fee on this account. However, if you keep your account in good standing for twelve months, you may be eligible
for a CashBack Checking Account.

Overdraft Privilege Program

Sometimes life can just happen, we understand that. Whether you are short on funds or just had an accidental miscalculation, Overdraft Privilege Program can keep you covered and minimize overdraft fees. 

1Checking account schedule of fees and charges apply. Members must have a minimum of $5 in their savings account and be a member in good standing to qualify.
2A $1 charge will be assessed to your account for each ATM transaction after the five withdrawal limit has been reached each month.