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We're founded on the principle of "people helping people."
Membership open to most Arizonans
38,000+ members
Over $500 million in assets
8 locations

Copper State Credit Union

Copper State Credit Union was formed in 2020 as the result of a merger of two equally-sized credit unions, Canyon State Credit Union and Deer Valley Credit Union. The merger of the two credit unions was proposed in April 2019 and approved in September 2019. In June 2020, Southwest Healthcare then merged with Canyon State Credit Union and Deer Valley Credit Union. In 2020, the new name and brand was developed, and we’ve proudly been Copper State Credit Union since.

Our Name

The name, Copper State Credit Union, was chosen for many reasons. As it is our goal to strengthen Arizona families through financial empowerment, it made sense that our name included an element like copper.

Copper is a tough, strong metal. It symbolizes ongoing strength for our members. Copper is a metal that can be joined to create something bigger, longer and stronger just as the two Credit Unions joined to become stronger. Copper is a conductor of electricity and allows the current to flow without loss of effectiveness. We strive to be the conductor of financial education and knowledge for our members and the communities we serve. Knowledge is power.

Canyon State Credit Union

Canyon State Credit Union is the result of a merger between SAFEQ and Grand Canyon State Credit Unions. Both were founded in 1951: SAFEQ to serve employees of the Arizona division of Safeway and Grand Canyon State to serve employees of the state of Arizona. Canyon State Credit Union and its predecessor credit unions have undergone many changes over the years.

Deer Valley Credit Union

Honeywell’s Computer Division organized what would become Deer Valley Credit Union in April of 1971, in a two-room office, given to them by Honeywell. In addition to office space and supplies, Honeywell provided a $15,000 opening grant. At this time, Honeywell had over 8,000 employees, 1,800 of which were members by the end of its first year.

Southwest Healthcare Credit Union

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Credit Union, Charter 106, was established in October 1967, and incorporated March 20, 1974. On July 12, 1983, a plan of merger was signed by officials of St. Joseph's Hospital, Humana Inc. (formerly Doctor's Hospital) Memorial Hospital, Phoenix General Hospital, and employees of various health care facilities. This was named St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Credit Union.

On February 6, 1984, an amendment to the Certificate of Organization was approved by the State Banking Department and a name change was made to Southwest Health Care Credit Union.


Data current as March 30, 2018.